Gaia Sadhana

 Trancescapes is an open improvisation musical group that began in the summer of 2013 with an invitation to Sunday dinner from the mysterious Dr. Kevin Sisk and has culminated in Gaia Sadhana, their debut release available in September 2015 (Spring Hill Music).  Initially, the scene was a backyard patio jam in the warm Edmonton sunshine, a stones throw from the infamous Whyte Avenue music clubs. When winter came, a vacant basement room was converted and The Kiva studio was born; experimental free improvisation emerged as  the preferred musical genre and the recording of Sunday dinner jams commenced.

Two years later, the joyous experiment continues with many musical friends coming and going. There is a core group, however, that are featured on Trancescapes’ debut recording Gaia Sadhana. The members of Trancescapes view free and open improvisation as an authentic connection to the holistic nature of music for meditation. Like great jazz or blues, free improvisation is best recorded live off the floor; capturing the essence and magic that is brought forth spontaneously moment by moment — loosely defined by the wide array of musical influences and the unexpected developments of open–minded musicians —  is as exciting for the producer  and the listener as it is for the musicians. The sessions that became Gaia Sadhana captured the special journey of discovery taken by seven inspired musicians,  performing all–organic instruments in a real–time meditative musical experience.